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Light rail Jerusalem

The Jerusalem light rail system is comprised of one line crossing Jerusalem from north to south across 14 km and passing through 23 stations. The line holds a key role in Jerusalem’s transportation system, transporting appro.

Haifa Metronit

The Haifa bus rapid transit system is a system of three bus lines connecting Haifa with the Krayot (a cluster of five small cities located in the Haifa bay area). The system is comprised of over 60 km of designated bus only lanes and a total of 150 bus stations.

The Green Wave

The Green Wave project in Ashdod in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport has come to provide a fast, green and advanced response to mobility in the city. Providing a fast route to public transport, preference for traffic lights and high frequency of buses. And by giving the residents preference in choosing public transport over private vehicles.

Ma’hir La’ir

A national project led by the Ministry of Transport carried out by Nativ Ayalon, with the aim of upgrading the public transport system in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. , Paving bike paths, upgrading the urban space and station environment, and upgrading the public transport service


Design and development solutions to public space and transportation

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Supervision and Control

Accompaniment, development and control in production and construction to ensure the best quality

Planning a public transport platform

Interdisciplinary planning of a platform

Business strategic consulting

From building a business model to feasibility study – everything that matters around the project will make it successful.

Our route together

Study and analyze existing and future requirements and write characterization for the project

Comprehensive functional program writing for the entire system and its parts

Detailed design and design of the system and products according to the characterization

Integration of systems (electrical, telecommunications, cameras, clearing)

Pricing and project estimates

Preparation of Requirement Documents and Regulatory Approval Documents

Preparation of tender documents

Supporting the development, production, implementation and installation to project completion

Prof. Keni Segal


Keni brings vast experience in business, design, and management to PublicZone. Prior to founding the company, Keni’s served as Industrial designer and senior lecturer. Keni established the Industrial Design Departments at Shenkar in Ramat Gan and Hadassah College in Jerusalem. He is currently an associate professor, teaching at the Department of Inclusive Design at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem.

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