light rail Jerusalem

  • Location: Jerusalem
  • amount of users: over 160,000 a day
  • Project Status: Extensions of the North-South line and 4 new branches that will interfere with the existing line

The Jerusalem light rail system is comprised of one line crossing Jerusalem from north to south across 14 km and passing through 23 stations. The line holds a key role in Jerusalem’s transportation system, transporting appro.

Publiczone Transportation held a large part of the planning and construction stages of the system’s 23 stations. With a combined team comprised of landscape architects, product and graphic designers, PublicZone Transportation developed designated furniture to suit passenger needs

In this project we emphasized

Planning a public transport platform

Interdisciplinary planning of a platform

Information Architecture

Infographic and Data visualization

Landscape design and accessibility

Connecting the vision to the ground – our professional landscape architects at your service.