Ma’hir La’ir – Rapid Urban Transport Lines

  • Location: Gush Dan
  • amount of users: over 500,000 passengers a day

A national project led by the Ministry of Transport carried out by Nativ Ayalon, with the aim of upgrading the public transport system in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. , Paving bike paths, upgrading the urban space and station environment, and upgrading the public transport service

In this project, we designed the signage, unique furniture and smart stations that incorporate advanced technology, maximum shading and weatherproofing. The stations are designed to accommodate a large number of passengers expected to use the new “fast to city” transportation services.

In this project we emphasized

Research and documentation

Proper research will get you the relevant and vital information for a project development base.

Developing innovative concepts

Solutions and suggestions

Supervision and Control

Accompaniment, development and control in production and construction to ensure the best quality